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Accident, Sickness, Disability Income

Plan Accident Sickness Disability Plan provides an income for disabilities caused by injury or sickness, and additional income for hospitalization during the first 30 days. Several benefit options are available to meet your financial needs. A Good Health Rider will return all premiums if you go claim free for 10 years or attain age 55, whichever comes first.

  • Pays benefit regardless of any other coverage the insured may have
  • Covers accident and sickness On-and Off duty
  • Provides additional benefits for each day insured is hospitalized, up to 30 days
  • Tax-free benefits may be used as insured wishes
  • First day Accident Rider to cover injuries on the first day
  • Good Health Rider to refund all dues after 10-consecutive claim-free years
  • Pays a Principle Sum Benefit for Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Download the Accident, Sickness, and Disability Plan Brochure.

Please contact your local representative with any questions you have regarding coverage. 

Disability Income Illustration

Weekly Disability Benefit

  • You will receive the weekly benefit of $100/$200 if you become totally disabled from covered injury or sickness, beginning after seven days of total disability.
  • Benefits will be paid while total disability continues, but not beyond the Maximum Benefit Period, which is one year.
  • Total disability means that, as a result of injury or sickness, you are unable to engage in your regular occupation.

Guaranteed Renewable to 55

You may keep the insurance in effect to your age 55 by timely premium payments. During this time, the Association may not make any changes in the policy.

Optionally Renewable to 65

After 55, you may keep the insurance in effect to your age 65 by timely premium payments, provided you are regularly and gainfully employed at least 30 hours each week. During this period, the Maximum Benefit Period may not go beyond your age 65, except that it cannot be less than one year.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit

  • If you lose your life, both eyes, both hands, both feet or one foot and one hand, the Association will pay the principal Sume, $10,000/$20,000.
  • If you lose one hand, one foot or one eye due to injury, the Association will pay one-half the principal sum, $5,000/$10,000.

Hospitalization Benefit

If you are hospital-confined due to covered injury or sickness, the Association will pay 1/7th of the Weekly Disability Benefit for each day of confinement, up to 30 days. This benefit is in addition to all other benefits.

Waiver of Premiums

If you are disabled more than 90 days (the elimination period, if longer), the Association will refund dues paid during that period and waive payment of future dues, while you remain disabled.

Recurrent Disabilities

Successive periods of disability resulting from the same cause which are separated by four months of full-time gainful employment are considered separate disabilities.

First Day Rider

If you become totally disabled from a covered injury, benefits will begin on the first day of total disability.

Good Health Rider

If you have a 10-consecutive year claim-free period, this rider provides for refund of all dues paid during that period. The refund is also paid if you have a claim-free period of less than 10 years which ends with your death or age 55.

When the refund payment is made, the rider automatically terminates. Another rider may be attached at that time without evidence of insurability.

This is only an illustration of benefits, not a contract. See the contract for complete description of benefits, conditions and exceptions.

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