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Annuities & Retirement Plans

For most of us, the difference between really enjoying our retirement years and just existing from one day to the next is income. 

Adequate income at retirement can mean financial independence and peace of mind. It can mean doing all the things we have worked toward during a lifetime of effort. Without adequate income, we simply live from day to day and trust in luck instead of enjoying freedom from worry.

Our retirement plans provide an excellent way for you to save money over the years for future retirement needs or emergencies. Interest accumulates tax-deferred, and will provide a guaranteed life income at retirement. Currently our tax-qualified IRA’s and Roth IRA’s as well as our Non-qualified plans have an interest rate of 3% and there are no management fees.

Download our Roth IRA brochure

Please contact your local representatives with questions regarding Police and Firemen's Insurance Association's retirement plan options. 

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