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Family Fraternal Benefit

Family Fraternal Benefit

PFIA’s Family Fraternal Benefit provides $5,000 of life insurance to infants from their 8th through their 59th day of life, regardless of medical status. The benefit further provides guaranteed insurability for up to $10,000 of permanent life insurance at the child’s 60th day of life.

Children born to, or adopted by, a member who owns an individual program of premium paying or paid-up insurance with PFIA for at least 60 days are eligible for this benefit. If the member-parent is not living at the time of the child’s birth, he or she must have been so insured at the time of death. Only one benefit per child is available, even though both parents, individually, may satisfy this requirement.

Application must be made on prescribed forms, and the child’s birth certificate must be provided. Should a claim be made for the death benefit, the required forms, birth and death certificates must be supplied as soon as possible, but in any case, within three years of the child’s death.

Application for the $10,000 of permanent life insurance must be made and paid for prior to the child’s reaching age 60 days. Although the plan selected will become effective on the child’s 60th day of life, it will be issued on the first of the month following.

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